[OSM-talk] importing shapefile data to OSM

John Callahan john.callahan at UDel.Edu
Wed Oct 28 20:38:28 GMT 2009


Thanks for the pointers.  It didn't hit until I read the wiki pages you 
referred to that editing is inherently different than importing, and 
that what I am doing is really bulk importing.  And the idea is to first 
convert to .osm format locally, then upload to OSM.   I'll look more 
into shp2osm and shp-to-osm. 

Something I'm missing, once the data is in osm format, how do I get it 
into OSM?   Can I continue to edit the osm manually, such as with a 
background image/WMS service?   Is this where "importing" turns into 
"editing" and I should use JOSM, etc...?

Serge, I may be contacting you soon about what you're doing in DC.  We 
have some other state-wide Delaware datasets we'd love to get into OSM. 
  Thanks for the offer.

- John

Ian Dees wrote:
> For now, there are two options. One us a python script written by 
> chris schmidt. The other is a java app written by me.
> The python one is called shp2osm. It requires a bit of programming 
> knowhow and some dependency magic, but it allows you to convert a 
> little more programmatically.
> The java version is an all-in-one solution and will work out of the 
> box. It doesn't allow you to do complicated mappings but it will work 
> in the majority of cases. Plus if you ask me I will add your requested 
> feature pretty quickly.
> Shp2osm and shp-to-osm both have links on this wiki page:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Shp2osm
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> On Oct 28, 2009, at 1:57 PM, John Callahan <john.callahan at UDel.Edu> 
> wrote:
>> I have some polygon data (building footprints) and point data (places of
>> interest) that I'd like to get into OSM.  I've played around with
>> Potlatch over the years, and have plenty of GIS and IT experience, but
>> want to get more involved in contributing to OSM.
>> For the polygons, there are about 100+ building footprints in a
>> shapefile.  What would be a recommended way to load those into OSM?
>> I've just started to play with JOSM and the QGIS plugin.  Ideally, I'd
>> like to overlay my data (shapefiles) with OSM data locally, put as
>> background some WMS services or other imagery (public domain, of
>> course!), make any necessary edits, then upload to OSM.
>> Any recommended software?   Anything I should watch out for?  Two things
>> I can think of are 1) edit my attribute columns to match OSM tags where
>> possible, and 2) check to see if these data already exist in OSM (they
>> don't for the polys and some do for the points.)   Thanks for any 
>> advice!
>> - John
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