[OSM-talk] importing shapefile data to OSM

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 01:01:51 GMT 2009

For the communities sake, i'd recommend converting the shp file into .osm
(from which ever script you like shp-to-osm or shp2osm).  Make these files
available storing them on some website (i use mediafire.com) drop.io is good
too, or have someone donate space on a server to do so, will help.

Then once the .osm files are available, you can use JOSM to upload the data
(if its small stuff, and you can work with the existing data), or use the
builk_import.pl script to load the data (again, ensuring that it doesnt
interfer with existing data, but more importantly improves it based on the
community who all does the quality control).

By going with the 2 step process, we ensure that 1 - a copy of the
origonal.osm file is available, so anyone can go back there and get that
file and re-copy in the data if needed.  and 2 - that this file can be used
as a resource to help, and 3 - it's a way to cross-reference back to the
source data.  (without having the re-convert the shp file).

Also, having that available, allows for the provision if future versions of
that shp file becomes available, you can run an AutoMATCH routeen on that
file and see exactly what the updates are... then just make that
additions.osm file available so people can copy in.

Hope that makes sense,
(each time i explain it, it gets a little better)


On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Russ Nelson <nelson at crynwr.com> wrote:

> John Callahan writes:
>  > Something I'm missing, once the data is in osm format, how do I get it
>  > into OSM?   Can I continue to edit the osm manually, such as with a
>  > background image/WMS service?   Is this where "importing" turns into
>  > "editing" and I should use JOSM, etc...?
> I've had good success in loading the data into JOSM first.  That way I
> can look at the data in context, to see how it will appear before
> uploading.  You can either load the .osm file into JOSM and then
> download from OSM into that layer, or you can download first, open the
> file, and merge the layers (right-click in the layer window).
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