[OSM-talk] Garmin eTrex Vista Hcx

Konrad Skeri konrad at skeri.com
Sat Oct 31 17:08:58 GMT 2009

No matter how good signal you have there is always a chance that the
given position is wrong without limitations. So when talking of a
satellite error of +-5 meters that actually means that with 95%
probability the error is +-5 meters. The possible error in the last 5%
is limitless, and my guess is that you were hitting that last 5%.
(Last week my GPS, which is not a Garmin, placed me on the north pole
+-20 meters for 5 seconds before returning me to a more sane position.
The probability such misreading to appear should be very, very low.)
As Mike wrote, this is more likely to happen under trees, near large
buildings or other obstacles. If you return a third time you should
get a position that is very close to one of the first two.


2009/10/31 Shalabh <shalabh.w at gmail.com>:
> 3. I parked my car near a village a day before, marked a waypoint. The
> satellite error was at +- 5metres. Today morning, I came back and marked
> another waypoint. This time the error was +-4 metres but this waypoint is
> 150 metres off the earlier one. The car keys were with me and I can vouch
> that my car does not move on its own. :)

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