[OSM-talk] Mapnik rendering of Marinas changed

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Sat Apr 17 14:31:35 BST 2010

Richard Weait wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 8:38 AM, Patrick Kilian <osm at petschge.de> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>>>> Is there a reason why Mapnik's rendering of leisure=marina has change
>>>>> from a blue area to a dashed border line?
>>>> IIRC there was a discussion in #osm which basically went like this:
>>>> [..]
>>>> "ok lets make it a blue dashed line and see who complains".
>>> Count me as a complainer... I was wondering about that blue dashed line
>>> too - it does not fit well with the surrounding estuary and open sea.
>>> I'm in the process of mapping a marina and I spontaneously only tagged
>>> as a leisure=marina the water portion that is occupied by the harbour.
>> Open a trac ticket for mapnik then. Neither Steve nor the others in that
>> discussion had a strong opinion. Note that I didn't take part in that
>> discussion but merely witnessed it.
> I remember that discussion, or one similar.  The question at hand was
> how to distinguish the marina land area and water area from the
> surrounding land and water.  The old-style marina-as-water made marina
> land area appear to be water.  An outline, like administrative
> boundaries, does not have that flaw.

Old style?
When I checked up on how to tag them, the first time the examples I 
looked at all signified the water area & assumed this was used in the 
Is this not the case?

If there wasn't a strong opinion I'm not sure why they changed it.

Did they offer an alternative for the water area? Sea/River etc. doesn't 
seem to cover it.

"This is a mooring place for boats"

To me this implies the water. You can't moor a boat on land.

> A similar argument was made for national parks.  Rather than painting
> them all green, show the boundary, let the distinct areas within show
> through.
This will apply to almost any item that's an enclosed area.
I thought the layer=* tag was implemented to allow renderers to 


Going slightly off-topic, this appears to highlight a problem with IRC.

A unilateral decision has been made only by people in the same time zone 
or with similar sleep patterns.
Am I correct in thinking there's no record of Instant chat? Was this 
discussion transferred to a forum?

As this appears to be a disagreement about the tagging & not just a 
specific render, shouldn't this type of discussion be in a forum so that 
everybody can have their say?

Dave F.


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