[OSM-talk] Mapnik rendering of Marinas changed

Jonas Häggqvist rasher at rasher.dk
Sun Apr 18 19:56:43 BST 2010

On 17-04-2010 14:38, Patrick Kilian wrote:
> Hi all,
>> Count me as a complainer... I was wondering about that blue dashed line
>> too - it does not fit well with the surrounding estuary and open sea.
>> I'm in the process of mapping a marina and I spontaneously only tagged
>> as a leisure=marina the water portion that is occupied by the harbour.
> Open a trac ticket for mapnik then. Neither Steve nor the others in that
> discussion had a strong opinion. Note that I didn't take part in that
> discussion but merely witnessed it.

http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/1681 contains a few back and forths, 
but as Patrick says, there was also some discussion on IRC (I wouldn't 
call it discussion, since there wasn't any disagreement, and a lot of 

The way I read the wiki at the time (from various pages), leisure=marina 
was for the land belonging to the marina. Seeing it rendered as sea 
sparked my initial interest in this.

No matter which is "correct", the previous method of rendering 
leisure=marina as sea does not make much sense, since it effectively means 
not rendering it at all. Rendering it as a border means you can use it for 
either the land, sea or both, and have it rendered in a useful fashion. 
Seems ideal to me.

Jonas Häggqvist

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