[OSM-talk] OSM server on a (Ubuntu) VM?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Thu Dec 23 10:31:44 GMT 2010

>I think we may be talking about different things.  I thought the question was about using a virtual >server rather than a dedicated one.  It sounds like it is about using a virtual machine on a desktop.

>In that case you are right that running the database on the host will work better than on the guest >operating system.  Some people are very attached to Windows though!

Yes, that's what I thought the OP meant by VM, a virtual server such as those offered by Bytemark. If it's a desktop machine I'd recommend installing Ubuntu natively as a dual boot (backing up your data on Windows of course in case of problems!) and doing all your OSM stuff on that.


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