[OSM-talk] If you want to help with OSM, and dont know what to do, help out with the Kosovo and Albania project

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Tue Feb 2 07:49:13 GMT 2010

I forgot one more import,

We are working on importing the house data from a goverment agency,
KPAonline.org that has GPS positions and old streetnames.

The streetnames in kosovo have changed many times, there are following names:

1. Serbian and Albanian names under tito

2. Serbian and Albanian names under Milosovic

3. Serbian and Albanian names under Unmic

4. and finally the names that have been changed since becoming a state

In Prizren, they have names also in Turkish and English.

I have been collecting names here with sources, it will be alot of work.


Not only do we have Serbian and Albanian names, but also at least 3
different spellings for each one. Most roads have no signs. And you
have cyrillic forms for the serbian ones. All that lead to utter chaos
and most people dont even know the Streetnames at all.

Here are some other sources of POIS:
www.kta-kosovo.org the privatization agency
and the business registry
www.arbk.org (we have a scraper for this)

I would like to see more tools to manage the storage and association
of address data to osm data. We could make a database of all know
addresses in Kosovo and then try and find locations for them.


On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 8:58 AM, jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com
<jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com> wrote:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/h4ck3rm1k3/diary/9405
> Everybody is invited to help out with Kosovo and Albania.
> I know that there are alot of new people working on Haiti,
> and if that project is saturated and you are looking for something to
> do to help out, please help out the people in the Balkans.
> We have been getting alot of raw data and there is so much work to do.
> We have 10 million gps+ points that need to be traced (from Logistic
> Plus a delivery company)
> We have The entire streetnetwork of Kosovo that needs to be merged and
> imported (from iimap, the disaster relief)
> We have Highres maps of Prishtina with every building , parcel and
> street on it from the town.
> And we have lots of cleanup to do, validation, removing of duplicates.
> We have also the problem of naming of the streets etc.
> For Albania we also have the GNS names I have converted, We have the
> street network from DLR in vector format, and we have lots of highres
> photos that need to be traced.
> All of these are documented in my diary somewhere, if you are are
> iterested and cannot find them, let me know. Most of the data is
> posted on archive.org just look.
> Now we have a team in Kosovo that is working on mapping, They are
> doing a great job but many of them are new.
> There is so much work that we would need another 10 people working on it !
> So if anyone has time and wants to help, all help is welcome!
> mike

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