[OSM-talk] Query for [osm:user=XYZ] gone in XAPI V0.6?

Martin nomorebigfoot at gmx.ch
Tue Feb 2 10:29:13 GMT 2010


With XAPI V0.5 i had the possiblity to query all edits i am responsible 
for with: http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.5/*[osm:user=XYZ].

With XAPI V0.6 this query 
(http://xapi.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/*[osm:user=XYZ]) leads to a 
header only OSM data file. Other queries like 
http://xapi.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/*[bbox=8.25,47.02,8.3,47.04] are 
still working.

Do i need to change my query (other syntax for [osm:user=XYZ]) or is 
this possibility gone? Or still in rework?

Thanks for help.


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