[OSM-talk] Fwd: Nav4All navigation shut down by Navteq

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 3 00:40:17 GMT 2010

Am 02.02.2010 16:02, schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Hi,
> Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> I read very often about this, and am asking myself: why is noone
>> proposing / offering such a catalogue? It would be simple as that: set
>> up a catalogue with all your definitions and publish it for newbies to
>> be used. Oh, and update it say on a daily basis ;-)

My answer (as the maintainer of the JOSM mappaint display, having a 
frequent look on OSMdoc and tagwatch): This is a *lot* of work.

> My answer: Behind every "we need better rules to guide newbies" sits an
> ugly "we need rules to force the community to do things in a certain way
> and if they don't abide by the rules, we'll simply run a bot over them".


> Nobody is truly interested in helping newbies, that's just a fig leaf
> for wanting to stamp out creativity and replace it by a fixed rule set
> decided by a majority of 10 to 9 wiki fiddlers.

Thanks Frederik, for denying everyone elses effort here.

Sit back, take a cup of tea and think what you've written here.

Regards, ULFL

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