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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 16:20:34 GMT 2010

2010/2/3 Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net>:
> Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> What matters is the context in which that key/value has been used in
> OSM. And in that case, it's historically been used to imply pedestrian
> rights too.

OK. And where can I find this information? If it is not findable, it
will not be used.

> Right. This is another reason why the wiki is made of fail. IIRC Map
> Features originally documented that cycleway means shared use,
> reflecting all existing current usage. Some pillock came along and
> edited it to say "mainly for cycles", making it out of step with all
> existing current usage.

The oldest version of highway=cycleway I can find already speaks about
mainly or exclusively for cyclists (Oct. 2007).

I found another interesting page:

but it doesn't seem to be of any help for the UK: "United Kingdom The
defaults do not apply. Someone who cares can fix this up. "

> Consequently we now have this insane situation where some people are
> following the original usage and others are following the
> wiki-fiddlers' usage. I say "usage", but there's no evidence that
> wiki-fiddlers actually use the tags or in fact do any mapping at all.

don't know if you would call me a wiki-fiddler but I am mapping :D


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