[OSM-talk] Proposed feature: Gated Communities

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 22:50:09 GMT 2010

2010/2/3 Chango640 <chango640 at gmail.com>:
> I thought about using landuse=residential (which I'm already using in cities
> and towns), but here in Argentina there is a strong difference between
> ordinary neighbourhoods and gated communities.

Yes, that's what you are expressing with the subtags acess=private and
probably community=gated (and or fenced=yes (?),the barrier around it,

> Despite being called communities, they are actually private neighbourhoods
> where people pay mainly for a reliable security service (the needs here are
> different from the ones in developed countries), so you can't go in them as
> you could in a normal neighbourhood, and usually the people who live in them
> don't have the kind of relation that they would have if they lived, for
> example, in religious communities. Besides, these "country clubs" (as we
> call them here) are often built in the countryside rather than next to
> cities, and have some independence.

so far they seem nothing different from other gated communities in
other parts of the world.

> I think that your suggestion for a "community" tag is a great idea, but this
> is something different, and wouldn't fit perfectly into that. As the tag
> landuse=residential doesn't fit all the requirements of a gated community
> either, I'm making this proposal.

still those gated communities (even if it might be socially absent)
have something in common: the developer and the contract their
inhabitants usually signed, which limits their civil rights and puts
restrictions on all spaces inside the gated community, so that public
space disappears. (what I mean: they are a community by contract, even
if not by common sense).

> About the other suggestions, I agree with you. I may add that in gated
> communities, the tag barrier=fence should be set by default, and the
> entrances and internal streets should always be drawn.

AFAIR the barrier=fence should not be applied to an area, what means
in pratical to draw a second way atop the area limits (not really
elegant). Another approach is to tag fenced=yes to the area (don't
know if someone evaluates this though).


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