[OSM-talk] Request for user block

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 4 11:02:30 GMT 2010

On Thu, 4 Feb 2010 11:39:26 +0100, Lars Francke <lars.francke at gmail.com>
>>>Is blocking the account going to be enough to prevent someone from
>>>simply signing up for a new account and continuing to do what they
>>>were unabbated, seems like a cat and mouse game and the cat is really
>>>slow to keep tabs on the mouse.

If someone vandalizes an area, it either gets seen and corrected, or it
doesn't get seen and then we don't see it anyway. So the issue gets
resolved or it is not an issue.

> A few ways that other deal with this are moderation of new accounts
> (this was also discussed previously), E-Mail ban (not very useful), IP
> ban (might work), just deleting or blocking the user or "no-oping" all
> the actions by blocked users. The last proposal in our case would mean
> that every write access to the API would work (it returns a success
> code) but all the changes are immediately discarded in the hopes that
> he won't notice.

IP blocks can be very effective. I'm crewmember on one of the biggest
Dutch forums and that is the most effective block we have. And it sometimes
goes so far that we block an entire company/organization from even
accessing our site. The effect then is that someone in the organization
picks up on this and with sufficient evidence from our site takes action on
the offender, at which point the block is lifted.

But this does take up quite some resources. It is not 1 or even 5 people
who moderate this.

This of course comes after blocking on email address proves ineffective.
And we even have blacklists for blocking certain "get for free e-mail"
domains from ever registering.


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