[OSM-talk] In-vehicle tracking and editing software for tablet computers?

Sam Wilson sam at archives.org.au
Sat Feb 6 03:50:27 GMT 2010

On 5/2/10 5:14 PM, Liz wrote:
> I cannot edit live on JOSM in the car.
> It isn't a technical problem.
> The problem, which will be at least as bad in WA, is the large number of 
> lumens from that star of the daytime. I cannot read the screen of the computer 
> unless I shade it, take off my sunglasses and then squint at the screen. I 
> admit to aging eyes and needing reading glasses (but not in full sun).
> I manage better with geo-referenced photos and editing at night at home / in 
> motel etc

It's certainly a trouble, editing in the sunlight.  The tablets we use 
(Getac E100's) are pretty good, and the bigger problem is the on-screen 
keyboard, which is small and fiddly.  Luckily (sort of), the users 
already have to use it for data entry, and are currently drawing raster 
mud-maps in something a bit like Paint (or whatever it's called; that 
crappy MS scribbling thing).

Personally, I think audio mapping is more fun.  Get to pretend to be 
some sort of intrepid reporter!

- Sam.

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