[OSM-talk] FOSSGIS 2010, March 2-5, in Osnabrueck, Germany

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 9 08:57:20 GMT 2010


    the programme for the German FOSSGIS 2010 conference is now fixed. 
The conference takes place from Tuesday, 2nd March to Friday, 5th March 
2010. The first two days focus on Open Source GIS technology and 
applications, and from Thursday noon everything revolves around OSM; we 
want to establish the FOSSGIS conference as a German "mini SOTM", and it 
is going to be first and foremost a community event created by OSM 
community members for their own (even though we expect to draw quite a 
few visitors who come mainly for the software part).

The OSM days will usually feature one track with 30-minute talks (all in 
German) and a second track with community workshops (called "community 
sessions" in this context because the term "workshop" is traditionally 
used for something else at FOSSGIS, namely paid-for tutorials in certain 
open source GIS technologies).

The full conference programme is here:


Everyone is welcome to attend the conference. Almost all talks are in 
German so this is an excellent opportunity to practice your language 
skills, or bring a translator ;-)

Attending the conference is free (as in beer), including a simple lunch 
and coffee breaks (not including beer), but we must ask you to register 
in order to be able to provide enough food for everyone. Here is the 
registration link:


The only things that are not free are the two social events on Tuesday 
and Thursday evening (where you have to pay 38/36 Euros for a food+drink 
flat rate - including beer), and the aforementioned FOSSGIS "workshops" 
which are mainly targeted at commercial users and serve to finance the 
conference. Details on the social events are here:


(I'm afraid that concerning payment options, FOSSGIS is a bit backward 
and only accepts bank transfers but if this is a problem for anyone 
please contact me off-list and we'll sort it out.)

We are also providing room for lightning talks and BoF sessions.


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