[OSM-talk] OSM, SpatiaLite and OpenJUMP

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Tue Feb 9 11:51:12 GMT 2010


I was testing two new SpatiaLite reader plugins for OpenJUMP and wrote a short
tutorial into OpenJUMP wiki. Because I used, naturally, OpenStreetMap data as
test data I was thinking that perhaps somebody here might be interested as well.
The tutorial is at

SpatiaLite offers full SQL querying capabilities and quite a nice selection of
spatial functions but the threshold to start using it is much lower than with
PostGIS. There is no need to install and run any database program on a computer,
no need to create user accounts or grant rights to the database etc.

I consider that Spatialite does not offer especially much for OSM work at the
moment. The only proper way to get OSM data into SpatiaLite format is to import
data first into PostGIS with osm2pgsql, and need to use both PostGIS and
SpatiaLite does not really make the threshold lower. But who knows, perhaps one
day somebody begins to build ready made SpatiaLite excerpts.

The tutorial is based on importing data from Geofabrik shapefiles which are
giving just a faint idea about the richness (and mess) of OSM data. The same
instructions will work with Cloudmade shapefiles as well. Good thing is that
I am pretty sure that the system works as described for anybody, with one
condition: Everything is tested only with Windows XP and Vista.

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