[OSM-talk] XFN links from user pages

Gaz Davidson gaz at bitplane.net
Sun Feb 14 23:51:55 GMT 2010


New user here, apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I
asked about this on IRC and was redirected here.

I've been playing with this new Google Buzz thing and realised that
privacy issues aside, it's a great step forward in encouraging the
growth of the semantic web. Social networks of the future won't be
owned by one entity like with Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, but
instead spread across the whole of the web and linked together with
RSS feeds and microformats like XFN and FoaF.

So, I think it would be cool if we could have the XFN profile
attribute in the head tag of our OSM profile pages and a rel="me" link
back to some user defined URL. There would also need to be similar
links to combine sub-pages (rel="chapter me", rel="index me"). This
info could then be used by Buzz right now, friends could see my edits
and maybe get sucked into OSM that way, but the important thing is
that social web apps of the future would be able to use this data too.

Anyone else think this is a great idea?



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