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> MWC 2010: Two thirds of mobile users want driving AND walking navigation
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> Two legs good, four tyres not necessarily better
> A survey conducted by Nokia's mapping division Navteq claims that at least two thirds of mobile users want their mobile navigation services to offer both driving and walking directions.
> The study also appears to show that mobile navigation is picking up steam fast. Two thirds or more of people currently using maps or directions on their phones have been doing it for less than a year, while a third have only been doing it for six months.
> Meanwhile, the proportion of people making daily or weekly use of mobile navigation apps was between 33% and 40% across the nine countries surveyed.
> Getting back to those walkers, though. Navteq says it's identified four features requested by large numbers of users when they're on foot.
> They are: public transport information including real-time data; “logical guidance” which can provide specific pedestrian routing and shortcuts; visual cues during guidance such as landmarks; and micro maps of destinations such as airports and shopping malls

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