[OSM-talk] [ANN] Viking 0.9.91 is out

Guilhem Bonnefille guilhem.bonnefille at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 14:43:44 GMT 2010

Viking 0.9.91 was released in 2010-02-06.

Viking is a GPS data viewer and editor providing many features related
to Internet. It is able to display maps from many online sources. It
is also able to request online service to provide geocoding: finding
coordinates form textual description of a place. And many more great
things provided by many contributors.

Why such announce on this list? Because viking try to integrate many
services from OSM.
It is able to display maps from many OpenStreetMap related projects.
The 0.9.91 version offers the ability to extend the list of supported
map sources with any "tile cache" oriented service. So, user can add
new OSM related map, even private (imagine a user hosting its own map
For example, imagine you want to use OpenPisteMap project. Simply
create the file ~/.viking/maps.xml

 <object class="VikSlippyMapSource">
   <property name="label">OpenPisteMap</property>
   <property name="hostname">openpistemap.org</property>
   <property name="url">/tiles/contours/%d/%d/%d.png</property>
   <property name="id">100</property>

Viking also offers the ability to upload GPS data directly: open a GPS
track, check it upon any map source, correct it and upload it.

0.9.91 brings the Nominatim service as geocoding source.

Happy download!

PS: 0.9.91 is sort of release candidate for 1.0. Some details can
change in near future.
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