[OSM-talk] Annotated Haiti video

Yves Moisan ymoisan at cooptel.qc.ca
Sat Feb 20 15:17:04 GMT 2010

Hi All,

I watched the OSM animation [1] showing edit activity a few days before 
and a couple of weeks after the earthquake.  It's great !  However, I 
think some sort of factual annotations (voice or maybe superimposed 
images ?) would be very helpful to convey how useful the edits were.  
What I mean by  factual annotations is anything that would explain the 
"white flashes".  I know there aren't such big flashes as the ones I saw 
on another animation (a year of edits 200? showing India flashing and a 
few US states) but there are some noticeable ones.  It could be just 
flashing the number of nodes/ways/whatever added/edited.  Or it could be 
adding the name of NGO's or organizations that either contributed data 
(for a specific flash ?) or benefited from it by loading it on their GPS 
units.  Maybe some free floating and moving div with a tag cloud 
containing organization names ?

I am asking this for a very selfish purpose : I was asked to do a short 
presentation of OSM at a meeting and I'd love being able to tell the 
audience what use the data was.  The video definitely shows how 
responsive the OSM community was with respect to the earthquake.  I'd 
like to go further and link some of the data editing activities with its 
usefulness in the field.


Yves Moisan

[1] http://www.vimeo.com/9182869

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