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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 21 07:13:04 GMT 2010


SteveC wrote:
> http://opengeodata.org/new-design-concept-for-openstreetmaporg

Whatever merits the (external, commercial) uservoice.com service might 
have, I am extremely sceptical about using it for openstreetmap.org. 
"Join companies & organisations of all sizes that already depend on 
UserVoice for feedback (Sun, Nokia, Random House, Sony BMG, 
Myspace.com)". I don't envisage OSM being like these in any way.

Our problem is not that granny doesn't find the feedback button; if we 
have a problem then it is that we do not have the time and patience to 
deal with her suggestions.

What this external service (where people can write up ideas and others 
can vote them up or down) would do is create another league of "Wiki 
fiddlers", only with less understanding of OSM. It would give a nice 
outward impression, but it wouldn't change the amount of resources we 
have available to deal with suggestions from outsiders. In the end, it 
would only frustrate people when they see that their suggestions don't 
get implemented.

We do not suffer from a lack of ideas regarding cool things that could 
be improved about OSM. If we suffer from a lack of ideas at all then it 
might be ideas on how to implement something without breaking things or 
overloading servers, i.e. well-founded technical ideas that require 
intricate knowledge of how OSM works. uservoice.com will not help there.


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