[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] OSM front page design concept

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Sun Feb 21 16:03:27 GMT 2010

SteveC wrote:
> Well I'll go further.
> openstreetbugs is basically there but has a crappy UI. It needs to be
> 1) click 'feedback' or 'problem'
> 2) enter problem
> 3) click ok
> the extra step of clicking where the problem is should not happen, we should get that from the bbox or center point plus zoom. So with some changes I think we can integrate OSB and expose it front and center to help fix up the bugs.

How is zooming all the way in & repeatedly panning around to centre up, 
quicker than one click to _accurately_  locate the problem?

> 2) We have to be very clear that the openstreetmap.org website is _awful_. Horrendous. A total PITA. We're all here because we're persistent with it. But the wonderful thing is - we don't have to make the tools and site easy to use if we can expose a simple bug system. It's very clear that nobody can convince Richard to actually write something any muggle would really want to use, you can scream at him to finish the mythical Potlatch 2 all you want, but he doesn't give a shit and lives on a boat in bliss. That's his choice, and it's totally fine, but if we all feel that way then we have to deal with the downside that every single day we lose tens of thousands of edits because of that monopoly on bad UI. All I'm suggesting is we sidestep the problem and connect people who can report a map bug but can't be bothered to deal with pain and suffering of potlatch with the people who can deal with it, at least until Richard gets his act together and stops fixing every stupid thing in the old codebase. You have to take a step back here and realise what we're missing out on.

You really are a grade A tosser.
When most people here treat others with respect, why do you have to 
degenerate it into a juvenile, Youtube style slanging match?
What do you think Granny's reaction will be when she reads this?

Dave F.

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