[OSM-talk] Photo_mapping - How to put EXIF data into a jpg image

Jochen Plumeyer jochen at plumeyer.org
Sun Feb 21 20:10:06 GMT 2010


On Dom 21 Feb 2010, Sebastian Klein wrote:
> * gpscorrelate	- a command line tool, where you specify the gpx file,
> the images and (optionally) a time offset

There is as well a graphical user interface if you prefer it - I just can say 
it works very well, normally I use interpolation as well between track 
segments (option "-t"), as in mountains often the GPS signal is lost, and 
hence the the track segments are more or less fragmented.

Be aware of your time zone (and daylight savings timezone as well) of your 
camera, as GPX times are all in lon=0°/ Greenwich/ UTC/ Zulu time.

Good luck,


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