[OSM-talk] Mapping streets as areas - can I do it now?

Niklas Cholmkvist towardsoss at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 20:41:34 GMT 2010

Richard Weait typed:
> <snip>
> What is it about these streets that requires areas?  Does this extend
> to your town and state as well?
I think it is because I like to map with much detail. I like to map it
'as it really is'.
That is not the only reason. Maybe it's how the map looks also in
various renderers(mapnik or other renderers), which shows the streets as
very big while in reality they are pretty small if seen from a long
distance away. I'll give a link. The streets also overshadow some
buildings, which I enjoy/like mapping at times.

> Can you give us a link to this area?



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