[OSM-talk] Thoughts on OSM design, and looking forward and back

Richard Mann richard.mann.westoxford at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 24 15:06:29 GMT 2010

Chill guys. I still just about remember being a newbie, and I didn't
find Potlatch crap.

Not knowing what the + button did was crap. The endless &
contradictory wiki is crap. It's a bit too easy to do something too
dramatic in Potlatch by inadvertantly using the wrong keyboard
shortcut (merging ways, in particular), and relations are painful. But
most of that is invisible to the newbie; it's something you find out
later. It's easy enough to create nodes and new ways.

I think the biggest reason newbies don't contribute is that when they
look where they live, most of them find either a blank canvas or
something that looks pretty good enough already, and don't hang around
long enough to think "I could add x" or "y is wrong; I'll fix it".

Whereas, looking at Google Maps overlaid on aerial photos, I keep
finding labelling errors - but I can't fix them.


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