[OSM-talk] Thoughts on OSM design, and looking forward and back

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Feb 24 17:19:14 GMT 2010

On 24/02/10 16:58, Dermot McNally wrote:

> But the home page real-estate should otherwise be utterly devoted to
> user-level features of the sort that non-expert users enjoy elsewhere.
> User waypoints. User lines and areas. .kml overlays, tracklog imports
> - we can argue over what these user applications are and which will
> serve our purpose best, but our goal is first to hook users on our
> maps and demonstrate that they can be used to solve their actual
> problems. Because if we don't establish this value, then these users
> will never feed us their missing street names or mark their local post
> box or fast food joint.

I completely disagree. We're running a project to map the world, not a 
project to provide an end user site to compete with google maps.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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