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Thu Feb 25 15:44:51 GMT 2010

Le 25/02/10 00:31, Vic Morgan a écrit :
> I just thought that you'd like the opinion of a (not so) newbie in this
> intense discussion.
> In order to attract people (potential mappers) to the site it has to
> offer something back - it has to have functionality. Not functionality
> to the mapper - Potlatch is quite adequate for my level of expertise -
> but both a reason and a reward for taking an interest in OSM. I'd
> suggest that some of this functionality could be provided by links to a
> couple of recently mentioned sites, and probably others;
> 1. Openrouteservice.org
> This is a clear demonstration of how the OSM data can be used to provide
> a useful service to the user. It's a usable and useful tool, and as an
> added bonus readily demonstrates any weaknesses in local OSM data.
> 2. Maposmatic.org
> Anyone visiting OSM will have an interest in getting a map of some
> description. Ordinary punters will have no interest whatsoever in
> rendering - all they want is a map. Maposmatic provides just that,
> without bogging the user down in technical detail.
> Between them these two sites offer the rewards that might just tempt
> people into contributing to the OSM project because they can connect
> data gathering with an end-product, without inviting the user to
> undertake an instant course in half-a-dozen arcane IT subjects.
> So my message is - add functionality and usability to the OSM entry
> point by linking to usable, useful sites. Why else would they want to
> visit the site? If the site is genuinely useful, and perhaps inspiring,
> they'll come again and may start to contribute.
> Once they are 'hooked' you can expose them to appalling mire of the OSM
> Wiki and so-called help pages. By then they may have the inspiration to
> plough through it all to satisfy their own particular needs.
> UrbanRambler.
We have had a similar discussion on the talk-fr :
starting in the middle of the thread
Vincent Pottier alias FrViPofm

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