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Date : 	Sat, 27 Feb 2010 08:08:22 -0500
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Patrick from Ushahidi has asked if CrisisCamp volunteers could scrape/ 
search the internet for news items and place in this Google Doc.  
Currently they are creating a new instance of Ushahidi for Chile and  
this information will be directly inputed as the information was from  


This can be done at today's camps as well as virtually. Of course we  
really need translators as well as many of the inputs will be in  

We will have a All Camp call at 11AM EST to go over what we know right  
now and how CrisisCommons might help in the coming hours and days.

Here is a place on the wiki to update and the call in information: http://wiki.crisiscommons.org/wiki/Chile/2010_2_27_Earthquake

mobile - 703-593-3823

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