[OSM-talk] Mapnik in Illustrator - how to export a map - help needed

Jens Winbladh jens at somewhere.dk
Sat Feb 27 13:25:07 GMT 2010


We are a couple of guys who have been granted a session at a big
governmental conference in Århus, Denmark. The conference is about
open-source and the idea of the government sharing data with the public.

We have been blessed with the assignment to work out a map of central Århus,
which will appear in the conference newspaper. There will be around 900
precipitant at the conference, mainly government officials and  bigger
companies the service the government with IT solutions.

Its a blast that we got the opportunity to make the map of the conference
and to have a session. Especially when the Danish government is very
reluctantly to give OSM any data and the knowlage of OSM in Denmark is quite
small. So we hope that this will push a little to the officials and to make
a notice of our selves (the OSM community).

We need help to make the conference map of Århus. The graphic designer of
the newspaper, which to be able to edit the map in Illustrator. We are a
couple of Danish guys, who tried, but the pdf/svg export function on OSM,
seems to make a weird map when open in Illustrator.
Is there anyone  who can make this ai file or pdf file of Århus or tell os
who to do it. The deadline of the finished map is the coming monday at 12.

If there is anyone who have any files for a poster or links to poster, that
we could bring (will be modified to Danish), it would bee appreciated.

Århus area:

Kind regards

Jens K. Winbladh
(OSM user: winbladh)
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