[OSM-talk] Help! Changeset reverted without explanation

Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 04:14:40 GMT 2010

Lar Kiesel wrote:
>I was the culprit who did the user lkrevert revert to user NE2 change set of
>Columbia, SC, US.

Thank you for finally coming forward and explaining.

>The reasons for the revert was because NE2 had changed many segments  of SC
>state highway ref tags from “SC xx” to “xx” that I had added.  This is
>counter to what the US highway wiki states, and there are good reasons for
>keeping the “SC”  in SC , which I don't want to get into here.   I was not
>offered any explanation why my edits were changed.

The wiki is so self-contradictory that I'm sure it does state that in
one place, and the opposite in another place. Every time I've tried to
get a discussion going on improving this, there's been no interest.
I believe I only changed those routes I was making other changes to.
(By the way, I omit the state for the same reason we don't see "UK A1"
- it's clear what's meant by a simple alphanumeric designation.)

>Also,  NE2 made changes the to classification of roads that are clearly
>wrong,  i.e.  section of Elmwood Ave.  from primary to motorway.  Part of
>this one didn't get reverted.  Again,  I was not offered any explanation why
>my edits were changed.

What's "clearly wrong" about this? The three blocks between Huger and
Gadsden are a motorway (or at least motorway_link), serving traffic to
and from I-126. Going from I-126 east to Elmwood, the first
intersection is at Gadsden.

>I started to correct the NE2 changes by hand,  there were too many and why
>should I?  So. I decided to do the revert.

You should because (a) none of them were incorrect, just a different
way of doing things, and (b) my changes included many corrections, so
your revert actually made things worse. Compounding the problem was
that you didn't contact me either before or after to explain your
concerns with my edits, and offered no explanation for the revert
until now. Will you undo the revert?

>Nathan seems to have detailed knowledge of Columbia and many other cities,
>care to state your sources?

For the road configurations I used aerial photos. For the routes of
the numbered highways, I used county maps by SCDOT (the government
agency that posts the signs) and checked them against highway signs in
photos, mainly those taken by Google's street view cameras (in other
words, the only information used was what the signs show). This was
mainly done as part of the project to map all U.S. Highways with
relations - http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/United_States_Numbered_Highway_Relations
- but I also do state-numbered highways as I notice them.

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