[OSM-talk] Help! Changeset reverted without explanation

Apollinaris Schoell aschoell at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 04:37:02 GMT 2010

On 27 Feb 2010, at 20:14 , Nathan Edgars II wrote:
>> The reasons for the revert was because NE2 had changed many segments  of SC
>> state highway ref tags from “SC xx” to “xx” that I had added.  This is
>> counter to what the US highway wiki states, and there are good reasons for
>> keeping the “SC”  in SC , which I don't want to get into here.   I was not
>> offered any explanation why my edits were changed.
> The wiki is so self-contradictory that I'm sure it does state that in
> one place, and the opposite in another place. Every time I've tried to
> get a discussion going on improving this, there's been no interest.
> I believe I only changed those routes I was making other changes to.
> (By the way, I omit the state for the same reason we don't see "UK A1"
> - it's clear what's meant by a simple alphanumeric designation.)

I agree with you here that a simple number is correct. State highway signs don't have a state prefix. But in osm it started as a common practice to name state highways this way. It is also documented in the wiki. Should we change it? Maybe but then you need to start a wider discussion to get an agreement. I have done many of them "wrong" simply because it was documented and common use but wouldn't mind to change them.

Even worse for relations. the current refs used by many are entirely wrong. there are no signs or official docs using network names like US:US US:I … there is absolutely no need to prefix a ref with a country, state prefix. is_in tags or simple processing of county/state polygons can be used to get such info. 

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