[OSM-talk] Help! Changeset reverted without explanation

Mike N niceman at att.net
Sun Feb 28 17:17:01 GMT 2010

 I don't see that the Wiki is self-contradictory in this case; it quite clearly states the convention for US and US Interstate highway refs.  

  Is there a good argument to omitting the state abbreviation from the ref?   Will the end result of changing to just a number be usable by the "Highway Shields" project?   The common reference "County road 49" comes to mind, and how can county, state and US highways be distinguished from each other?
   I have no opinion - it would be good to agree on the highway and route relation tagging conventions.
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> >The reasons for the revert was because NE2 had changed many segments  of SC
> >state highway ref tags from “SC xx” to “xx” that I had added.  This is
> >counter to what the US highway wiki states, and there are good reasons for
> >keeping the “SC”  in SC , which I don't want to get into here.   I was not
> >offered any explanation why my edits were changed.
> The wiki is so self-contradictory that I'm sure it does state that in
> one place, and the opposite in another place. Every time I've tried to
> get a discussion going on improving this, there's been no interest.
> I believe I only changed those routes I was making other changes to.
> (By the way, I omit the state for the same reason we don't see "UK A1"
> - it's clear what's meant by a simple alphanumeric designation.)
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