[OSM-talk] Inquiry about Egnos / Indoor mapping

Tirkon tirkon33 at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 28 11:28:43 GMT 2010

Aun Johnsen <lists at gimnechiske.org> wrote:

>EGNOS require clear view of the sky in the same way that the GPS

From Middle-Europe you require a clear view nearly to the south
(similar to Astra TV-satellite, look at the antennas), because the
EGNOS satellites are in a geostationary orbit above Africa and from
Middle-Europe-sight not too far away from Astra. For other
receiving-positions look at the EGNOS satellite positions:

Many GPS-Loggers (i.e. Garmin, satellite view, letter "D" for DPGS)
support EGNOS, because the signal is already available for a few years
as "beta". Look at the description of your logger. 

If a satellite is not available, there is possibly another solution. I
did not try it and I am not really sure. Look at
and look for ²DPGS". That sounds to me as if GPS-Babel could support
EGNOS. If this true, you possibly can throw your track into GPS-Babel,
configure it accordingly and it will automaticly fetch the EGNOS-data
by internet and correct the track, assumed the time stamps in the
track are correct. Otherwise do not use it. If your GPS-Logger is
supported by GPS-Babel, it will also import the tracks to your PC. All
that inclusive outputting your desired format (i.e. OSM compatible
GPX) will be done in one turn, if you configure GPS-Babel accordingly.

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