[OSM-talk] Photo_mapping - How to put EXIF data into a jpg image

Niklas Cholmkvist towardsoss at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 09:35:08 GMT 2010


I use a 'distribution based on Debian Lenny', 'Ubuntu Karmic 9.10' and
'a distribution based on Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04'.
When I photo map I take some photos which I later synchronise with a GPS
trace, to know with the most precision where I had taken the photos.

I would like to put the lat long data right into the JPEG images though.
I don't know how to use gpsbabel or any other program to integrate the
lat lon in the EXIF part of the photos. I can use the commandline if it
is required or if there are a few simple commands. 
Maybe a command could be:
exiv2 -a 01:02:03 ad *.jpg

I don't have trouble writing them one by one, if I know the command to
use. I've seen Seth Golub's geocoding scripts, but there was no
documentation so I didn't understand what to do with the scripts.
Does anyone know of a command of exiv2 to take the location from a gps
trace file (gpx) and put it inside the EXIF part of a jpg image?
My purpose would be to later upload the photos with the EXIF data into
them to a photo service, which I later link to from a source tag for
various data in openstreetmap.

I'm looking forward to replies,


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