[OSM-talk] no rendering of amenity=veterinary

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 06:09:16 GMT 2010

Same thing as a Tuk-Tuk (Thailand) or a moto-remorque (Cambodia)? If not the
same, close enough to be worth rendering the same?

> We also have tags for vegetarian/non-vegetarian - also useless outside
> India.


> So these things render on our server - but not on the official osm
> server.

If the data is stored centrally, it should be curated according to global
rules. Now, the only people participating in that curation might be from one
particular country, but I'm not sure that that changes anything.

> I see more of this to come. centralised data - local rendering. The
> autorickshaw tag works like this:
> amenity=taxi, vehicle=autorickshaw. This displays as a taxi stand on OSM,
> but
> as an autorickshaw stand on the Indian server.

Seems to me that what we want here are "global to local conversion tables"
of some kind. I need to read up on how to do this well. But basically, we
want to define the  equivalences between countries so that people can map in
a way that's intuitive to them locally, and get maps that render intuitively
for them.

> This may soon extend to roads
> also as our system of roads is very different to the English system - and
> makes
> a very awkward fit.

Right, but it's better if you can find a way of translating into "the
English system". Say there is an Indian concept of "local road". If you just
go around using "highway=local_road", then that means every style sheet
needs to be updated to have this rule added, and will soon become enormous.
It would be better to have a single table of "Indian rules", along the lines
of "highway=local_road --> highway=residential". That term might be more
intuitive and natural to the people using it, but it will ultimately be
rendered like a highway=residential.

> Another example is wells. man_made=well is an essential tag
> here - but probably not in Europe?

That doesn't seem to be an argument against storing the data in the central
database, nor against having support for it in the main renderers. What
exactly are you hinting at?

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