[OSM-talk] Potlatch and NearMap sourcing - what? why?

Gregory nomoregrapes at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 9 11:02:35 BST 2010

On 9 June 2010 09:58, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:

> it's impossible to keep track of what people want if it's scattered over
> 257
> mailing lists.

We could create a banpotlatch@ mailing list for you, it should be described
as high frequency :)

Of course I do agree with your constant pleas to use trac, it's a great tool
for seeing if problems/bugs are already reported, being recognised, or about
to be fixed.
Use it!
Ooo look it even tells you about it from the Potlatch wiki page

osm at livingwithdragons.com
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