[OSM-talk] highway=ford vs ford=yes

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 00:29:28 GMT 2010

Gorm E. Johnsen wrote:
> I sense there might be a misunderstanding here: I have _not_ changed the
> geometry of the way-fords (apart from connecting them to existing
> riverbanks where available, and a few other minor adjustments). I am
> _not_ proposing to create ways out of single nodes tagged with
> highway=ford. I'm simply asking to replace highway=ford with ford=yes on
> nodes as well.

BUT adding fine detail DOES require changing the nodes to ways ...
This seems to be the misunderstanding that you and others may be missing? At 
SOME scales, then a ford is simply a node - as are many features - but the 
higher the zoom, there comes a point where a node MUST become a way or even an 
area. So changing the top level view is simply wrong when the lower levels still 
expect that element to be expanded to a way at some point ... Just because no 
one has added the fine detail is no reason to remove the element into some other 
'domain'. That applies in a lot of cases where people are arguing that some node 
tag should be simplified. So just because YOU are not proposing to add missing 
information is no reason to make that difficult for everybody else? When would 
you then change them back to highway=ford ... so that the way detail can be added?

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