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Sat Nov 13 19:47:05 GMT 2010

Building something that is user friendly is actually quite difficult and
takes a lot more resources and testing than you might think.  It really
needs a consistent integrated well planned team approach which isn't quite
what OSM is.  We just have a lot of people who do their own thing.
Including some who say it doesn't matter if we remove all the old data from
the maps and just retain the Odbl stuff.

Cheerio John

On 13 November 2010 12:54, S Omeone <someonewxyz at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I haven't seen this mention before and I thought it might be of some
> interest here.
> Since sometime last year Google no longer used TeleAtlas for their map data
> in the
> USA but instead created their own map data.  It seems they have now
> extended
> their own data to 10 more countries including some in Europe Africa and
> Oceania [1,2]. However, what makes it interesting from a OSM point of view
> (apart from knowing what the "competitors" do) is the way they seemingly
> crowd
> source their  updates and error reports. (The main data is, unlike their
> also very
>  successful map maker maps, not crowd sourced, but supposedly collected
> together
> with the street view data). Just like they have had in the US, however,
> they now
> have a nice and simple, easy to spot and convenient  "Report a problem"
> link in
> these countries in the bottom right hand corner.
> OpenStreetMap has of cause something similar with OpenStreetBugs (which
> Google may well have used as inspiration), but unfortunately, as too often,
> less
> convenient.  Instead of simply clicking on the report a problem link, in
> OSM you
> first have to know something like this exists, then figure out that you
> might learn
> about such a feature on the wiki, search the wiki for it, go to some random
> external
> page, then find your location on the map again without a search box on the
> page, and then finally you might actually be able to add your error
> report...
> Can we perhaps learn something from Google of how to build a nice user
> friendly
> crowd sourcing of local knowledge?
> Also, can we perhaps somehow harness the fact that Google is "educating"
> people
> about the possibilities to crowd source maps through map maker and the
> "report a
> problem" link? E.g. by creating a press release highlighting some of the
> additional
> benefits of OSM over Google (without being unfair to them)?
> Or will Google eventually beat OSM at its own game?
> [1]
> http://searchengineland.com/google-updates-maps-in-10-countries-teleatlas-going-away-55288
> [2]
> http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2010/11/changing-world-changing-maps.html
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