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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 23:28:19 GMT 2010

I think that the problems and implications of the change were not well
explained or even understood at the time.  I'm not even sure they are today
by many people.

My training in computer system design suggests that listing the requirements
and concerns of the various users might be a useful starting point and this
should include non mappers to determine what is useful to them.  Perhaps the
wiki might be an appropriate place?  Only when you have these concerns and
requirements can you determine how they will be met.

You may decide that the requirement of some Canadian mappers who wish to
feed map data back into CANVEC but feel they can't under the current licence
can either be accommodated in some way or you take the conscious decision to
ignore the requirement as being not important.

Concerns are being raised and essentially being totally ignored at the
moment and I think that is where the frustration is coming from.  I don't
think its a desire to overthrow the OSM organisation but would like to feel
that whoever planned this license change thought about these issues
beforehand and has acceptable answers to the concerns.

I must confess there is a confidence issue here, if the process was well
thought out and which is demonstrated by an FAQ that addresses the concerns
then every one is happy and its been a communication issue.

At the extreme if the concerns cannot be addressed other than by saying in a
confrontational way we don't like imports so just map everything from
scratch.  Then perhaps the correct thing to do is to recognise there are
different sets of requirements in different parts of the world that cannot
be reconciled and essentially split off those who wish to do something

Cheerio John

> > I wonder how many people are like me, more
> > interested in the mapping and only became aware of this whole licence
> > problem, because everyone seems to disagree and the process has taken so
> > long, without taking much time to work on the dissenters.
> If you honestly feel this way, explain in clear steps what the OSMF
> could do to "work with dissenters" that doesn't include stopping the
> current process of migrating to a new license.
> > Maybe Ive been reading different mailing lists to you, but the opinion
> > of 'the contributors' expressed on here, seems to be split between yes
> > and no
> Whenever there's an actual poll done, there's a large group who say to
> change license, a small group who says they don't want to change, and
> a huge group who doesn't care.
> The group who says to change was, if not 3x bigger, then 2x bigger.
> This is a non-issue other than some vocal dissenters who seem larger
> in numbers than they are because they're loud and disruptive.
> - Serge
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