[OSM-talk] New site about the license change

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Nov 17 09:05:15 GMT 2010

Am 16.11.2010 23:17, schrieb Serge Wroclawski:
> If you honestly feel this way, explain in clear steps what the OSMF
> could do to "work with dissenters" that doesn't include stopping the
> current process of migrating to a new license.
Not particularly focussed on the dissenters of the new license, I miss a 
clear migration strategy, documented in more detail than in one of many 
points in an FAQ.
1) As ODBL-Supporter: What can I do to support the process?
a) Should I avoid using old data of dissenters, if I can choose to 
re-draw the objects out of traces or other sources?
b) Should I start to re-map data of other mappers to increase the 
ODBL-Compliant data in the database?
2) If I sometimes in the past helped to import data from sources not 
ODBL-compliant - how can I now or in the future progress of the license 
change split up my contributions to support ODBL without breaking the 
license of these imports?
3) What are the concrete rules for migration: Which objects can be 
migrated? Which can not? How to decide that? Here everything I hered 
from the LWG is "we will see", "we don't know exactly", "perhaps..." and 
so on. Well - imports are discussed in more detail; but an unsolved 
issue as far as I can see is the migration of license-mixed objects in 
the database (ODBL-contributors and non-odbl-contributors).

I think, the only way to work with the dissenters is to defeat their 
arguments with good counter arguments and facts:
- Where is the visual proof that ODBL won't hurt? The first I know in 
this area is the map provided some weeks ago - by someone not part of or 
connected to the LWG
- Why I'm not able to formally accept my data published as PD including 
an API-Proposal to get PD-only-maps? - a license compliant to ODBL as 
well as CC-BY-SA from contributor side.

Of course a faster migration would have been fine - but okay, that 
chance is gone.
But: We should speed up the migration as fast as possible.
Perhaps it's not necessary to migrate everything in one step; but it 
should be possible for the pro-odbl-mappers to contribute as early as 
possible in a way, that these contributions are save in an ODBL licensed 


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