[OSM-talk] So how *do* you get GPS waypoints into OSM?

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Nov 22 14:05:29 GMT 2010

> One rule: no JOSM. I have a preference for online tools if

Thanks to RichardF's help on irc I can confirm that I've managed to
display one of the waypoint files from my GT31 as a background
vector layer in Potlatch 2. 

I uploaded the .gpx file to my own website and added crossdomain.xml
as per wiki instructions (and RichardF's reminder). I then renamed
the .gpx as .xml as my web host was blocking the file as an unknown
file extension and it was easier to rename than define .gpx (though
I did try).

If you want to test then use this link for an instance of Potlatch
and select 
as the background layer file (GPX format). It contains only one
waypoint (M000).

I'll remove the test files in a day or two, for those reading this
belatedly (or from the archives)...


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