[OSM-talk] Response to A critique of OpenStreetMap

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 14 16:32:23 BST 2010


Paul Houle wrote:
>     However,  I'll say that the claim that "we don't have the resources 
> to do it right" is a "bad smell" that I often perceive around 
> organizations that are in a death spiral.  Back when I worked in the 
> library field,  it struck me that librarians were just conceding 
> everything to the likes of AMZN and GOOG.  

I think you haven't understood what Milo said.

OSM is not a competitor to Goole, Bing, or Mapquest. OSM is a competitor 
to Navteq and Tele Atlas. We do have the resources to do that right and 
we're using them.

Navteq and Tele Atlas have rubbish map web sites, if any, because it is 
not their core competency to make cool map web sites - they are a 
supplier to those who do.

And so are we. We are indeed "conceding" making cool map web sites to 
the users of our data, because this is not our core competency and not 
our strategic aim.

Anyone can make a cool web site showing off OSM data. That's why we 
don't have to.


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