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The bounding box is the largest area we will search. Actually if the bounding box is greater than 250 tiles at level 18 (Bing Map Tile System)<http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb259689.aspx> then the call will return a 400 (BadRequest). We don't want people sending the server gigantic queries and bogging it down.

If you click on the explore button you can see some of the early work we are doing with the idea of exploring the map in the given region. The code is still being worked on and we will let people know when improvements are made.



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I made the changes, checked in the code and published them to the staging servers. If someone else wants to take a look at the output and let me know if you think. Unless I hear complaints I will update the production servers tomorrow.


I pasted the new output below.


- No related, but I wonder about the "bbox" parameter in the requests.

What should it be? The smallest possible bbox completely containing the road to be detected? Is it also a technical optimization parameter, i.e. specifying the world might work but with a huge performance penalty?

- Do you think, at one point, it would be possible to detect all roads/segments within the bbox according to one point defining the roads "color" (This would probably increase the usefulness of the system by an order of magnitude...)

- Chris -
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