[OSM-talk] (magical?) road detector

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Feb 7 07:17:02 GMT 2011

David Murn wrote:
> You mean, as author of potlatch

Only one of the authors.

> you dont have the potlatch wiki page on watch for edits? I also
> notice the edit you made, removed the entire software info block from
> the wiki page, not just changed the licence. Was that intentional?

Yep. Way too many inaccuracies: wrong licence, citing just two of 
several authors, citing just one of several URLs were the ones I spotted 
at a cursory glance.

If the authors would like to do five minutes of research and put some 
correct info back that's great - or, alternatively, they could mail the 
potlatch-dev@ list and ask for assistance. But this kind of "oh, let's 
just put some unchecked info up" is why so many people disregard the 
wiki these days. We wouldn't tolerate anything so disconnected from 
reality on the map, and nor should we on the wiki.


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