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Tue Feb 8 20:52:18 GMT 2011

Hi all,

I've been thinking about extra colours for super hires imagery and been 
doing a little research. See the following list of some notable places 
sorted by their highest Bing zoom levels.

Hamburg	20
Vienna	20
London	20
Rome	20
Paris	20
Tokyo	20
Singapore	20
Montreal	20
New York City	20
Denver	20
Los Angeles	20
Kansas City	20
Mexico City	20
Port-au-Prince	20
Munich	19
Helsinki	19
Madrid	19
Warsaw	19
Moscow	19
Istanbul	19
Delhi	19
Tunis	19
Perth	19
Sydney	19
Amsterdam	19
Netherlands rural areas	19
Stockholm	19
Bogota	19
Santiago de Chile	19
Beijing	18
Cape Town	18
Rio de Janeiro	18
Berlin	17
Dublin	17
Damascus	17
Cairo	17
Lagos	17
Germany rural areas	17
Kansas rural areas	17

It seems that all places that have hires imagery of z14 also have it up 
to z17 (of which z14-z16 are scaled versions, of course). So no need to 
introduce extra colours for anything below z18. Then the question is: 
How many colours make sense between z18 and z20 (the absolute maximum)?

I think one colour for each zoom level doesn't make sense, because the 
overall differences in image quality are too stark (compare for example 
NYC and Santiago de Chile at z19, respectively).

So what about:
14-17	"high resolution"
18-19	"very high resolution"
20		"ultra high resolution"

And... which colours? I would have liked a kind of red-yellow-green 
scale, but I'd rather keep the green now in order to avoid confusion 
(old green tiles vs. new green tiles and so on). So I propose a dark 
green for "very hires" and a blueish green for "ultra hires" -- see the 

In anticipation of your comments,


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