[OSM-talk] Bing coverage - more levels

ant antofosm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 22:03:55 GMT 2011

On 08.02.2011 22:32, Stephan Knauss wrote:
> sounds fine, but I experience that some high resolution images look just
> like overzoomed lower resolution images.

That's true. I gave another example.

> Interpolation can also be done in JOSM. I would be interested in the
> real image resolution.
> This might need more than just detecting the existing of tiles in
> specific zoom levels. Any idea on how to have users vote on the
> resolution experienced?

I doubt that the "experienced" resolution will be much more accurate... 
another possibility is to measure the sharpness of images 
algorithmically. Altogether, there's a lot of image processing 
applications I could think of related to aerial imagery (cloud 
detection, analysis of distinct photographs, automatic tracing...). 
That, however, is worth another application.


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