[OSM-talk] What the license change is going to do to the map

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Wed Feb 9 21:01:36 GMT 2011

I would like to say that I'm surprised no one has created a tool yet
to simulate what a given area would look like after the switchover
given the current (or simulated) list of users that have agreed to the
new terms. It would take as inputs an .osm file and users_agreed.txt
[1], and then apply the logic from [2] to create a new .osm with all
"offending" data removed. Or maybe the .osm doesn't contain the
history, so it would rather take a bounding box and then use the API,
I'm not sure. Clearly I don't have the skills or knowledge to create
this tool, but I hope someone takes the task!


[1]: http://planet.openstreetmap.org/users_agreed/users_agreed.txt
[2]: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Data_License/Closed_Issues#Features_touched_by_multiple_contributors.2C_not_all_of_whom_sign_up_to_new_terms

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:39 PM, David Murn <davey at incanberra.com.au> wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-02-09 at 12:30 -0500, Anthony wrote:
>> In other words, that's just the impact from deleting the contributions
>> of one user, who didn't even contribute that much.  Multiply by tens
>> of thousands to get the impact on the world map when the contributions
>> of tens of thousands of contributors are deleted.
> On Wed, 2011-02-09 at 13:08 -0500, Anthony wrote:
>> In no time, we'll have proven just how quickly 20 people can come
>> together and remap the contributions of 1.  Multiply by 80,000 or so,
>> and you can switch to ODbL without losing anything.
> Just out of interest, where are you getting these numbers?  And of these
> thousands of users, how many have made edits that will be affected?
> Not that I dont agree with your point, just wondering where you got your
> figures from to back your argument up?
> David
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