[OSM-talk] Boundary rendering bug

Daniel Sabo danielsabo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 11:34:10 GMT 2011

>> To map the boundary as a relation you should have:
>> Member way:
>> no boundary tags (that includes the boundary name)
> Uh, no. Please, do add boundary=administrative + admin_level=n. Where n is
> the highest order admin level that applies, so if two relations with
> admin_level=6 and 8 respectively use that way, set admin_level=6 on the
> way.
> And, I hate to say it, read the wiki.
> One of these days, I should just modify the mapnik stylesheet to use
> osmarender's boundary handling (render boundary lines from ways alone),
> and use the relations only for the name rendering. Bye bye overlapping*
> boundary rendering!
> * Which would bring so much goodness, that I wonder why I haven't done
> that yet. :)

Why would this be needed? I don't see anything in the wiki that says boundary relations are treated differently than multipolygons. If you tag them twice (way and relation) your just going to render an extra overlapping way. You are definitely not supposed to duplicate tags on the outer ways of multipolygons (anymore).

I will give you that I see where the wiki says it, that doesn't make it right in a technical sense though ;).

>> Boundary relations are just specialized multipolygons once they reach the
>> renderer so all the rules here apply:
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:multipolygon#Usage
> Right, so why even bother with type=boundary when type=multipolygon will
> do fine? :)

I do believe this came up on the talk page at some point :). type=boundary has some more roles (that nothing supports yet, but they're a nice idea). I don't know of anything that doesn't treat them as synonyms.

- Daniel

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