[OSM-talk] Power-user GPS app for Android?

Andrew Gregory andrew.gregory at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 14:57:54 GMT 2011

Only speaking on my own behalf (and not for anyone else involved with
Vespucci), I've recently been doing some work on Vespucci.

Vespucci is an Android OSM editor, primarily online, although you can
download a chunk of data and then work on it without an internet connection.

Its GPS logging support is rather poor. It records a track to overlay on the
map, but right now doesn't do anything else with it (i.e. save it or export
it). There are plans for direct uploading to OSM.

I had been pondering what sort of tool would make address data collection
easy, so finding KeypadMapper has got all sorts of ideas rolling around my
head. Since Vespucci would (or could) have the OSM street topology
available, it sounds quite possible for a KeypadMapper-type tool to be
integrated that adds nicely positioned address data points relative to the
road line, rather than your current (track) position.

My current use for Vespucci is gathering street names, so most of my recent
work has been geared to that - primarily by improving application stability
and usability, and by adding OpenStreetBugs support (which needs network
comms). I've been using OpenStreetBugs as my online POI database of things
to survey. It probably wouldn't take too much work to create offline bug
reporting, and upload bugs when comms become available.

One day I'll run out of street names to gather and start thinking about
addresses, but that's months away.

I'd like to see Vespucci become a "one stop" OSM editor-in-the-field on
Android, and when I have time I do what I can, but what's really needed is
additional Android developers, so if anyone can help, even if it's just
ideas and feedback, it would all be appreciated.
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