[OSM-talk] [Spam?]Re: [Spam?]Re: Underground / hovering buildings

David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Thu Feb 17 23:31:09 GMT 2011

On Thu, 2011-02-17 at 18:50 +0100, Pieren wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 11:10 PM, David Murn <davey at incanberra.com.au>
> wrote:
>         > Second, an underground building. Connects to other buildings
>         that are at
>         > ground level and have basements.
>         building=yes
>         building:levels=2
>         building:min_level=-2
>         height=6
>         min_height=-6
> Rather than this complicated proposal, why not simply
> "building=underground" ? (like the already existing
> parking=underground)
> Or make the "underground" a new generic key  e.g. "underground=yes"

Because the use of (min_)levels,height is in use by 3D renderers and
doesnt simply show whether a building is above/below ground, but by how
much, so that it can be rendered properly.  I think your idea of having
a simple tag to show whether it is above/below gruond is good, but
theres no reason to remove the extra details, if the data is accurate
and consistent across objects, ie its not much use if only one building
uses the schema, but if a majority of buildings in an area do, 3D
rendering can/will make use of their tags, as well as who knows what
other future applications for example knowing the number of underground
floors in every building could help during disasters.


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