[OSM-talk] Why no link from osm.org to osmbugs.org?

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Sat Feb 19 18:51:18 GMT 2011

On 19 Feb 2011, at 18:27, Dave F. wrote:

> On 19/02/2011 17:30, Richard Mann wrote:
>> There's probably some good reason, but why isn't there a link from
>> osm.org to report a bug?
> Could it be because not many people use it?
> I still don't understand why, in a collaborative project, that osmbugs is used as a record to get other people to amend missing items 
> "Feel free to put the modifications you would like to see on OpenStreetMap on the map."
> That is from the front page. To me, it goes against the way OSM is meant to work; if you want to see modifications to OSM then do it yourselves.
> Much more useful is the likes of Keepright which can flag up fixme tags.

If you are a someone who isn't great technically, then something like osm bugs is a great thing as it allows you to contribute.

Also if you are an experience mapper and know something needs checked, it can be used as a todo list, that someone else might need to get to before you.


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